Our country became a party to “Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) International Contract of Prevention of the Bribery which are given to the foreign state employees in the Transactions” in 1997.

The countries that are a side of to the Contract which carries the purpose of sustainability of the International Trade in a more transparent and competitive platform; due to doing of any business or not doing or international transactions with the purpose of maintenance or acquisition of a business or unfair benefit, agree as a bribery, directly or indirectly of the offer or promise of an unfair benefit to the foreign state employee.

Also in our country, a regulation relating to bribery for state employees, takes part in the 252/9 and 253 clauses of the Turkish Criminal Code with Law no 5237.

After the entrance of the Contract in force, from 1998, information sharing about the related procedure and implementation of Export Credit Associations of the countries within the OECD has begun and in 2006 the Council Recommendation Relating to Export Credits Supported with Bribery and Officially which arranged in parallel with the Contract Provisions, has been entered into force. (For access: In this Recommendation, for the Export Credit Associations, a certain number of standards and principles towards the fight with this crime and prevention of bribery in the export operations which this associations gave support/will give support, is determined and it is stated that the measures regarding to the fight with bribery will be taken within the scope of the Contract and own National Legal System of every country.

Turkish Eximbank has revised the regulations on the basis of credit and insurance programs by expanding the measures regarding to the prevention of bribery in the international transactions within the scope of provisions in the Turkish Criminal Code and OECD liabilities.

It has been started to taken in the year of 2004 a “written contract” which states that there was not given and will not given bribery in any stage of the operations matter to their applications from all the firms that the Bank will benefit from the credit, insurance and guarantee programs. As a result of the changes which were made in 2006, Turkish Eximbank, for the purpose of starting in 2007, has started to take “Written Contract and Consent Letter” by expanding the scope of the current written consents in the Insurance and International Credit/Guarantee Programs. With the measures and enforcements towards the firms which was detected to infringe the provisions promised or found misstated in the written contract and not gave an undertaking, implementation and policies of our Bank on the matter, “The Turkish Eximbank Turkish Export Credit Bank Corporation” that updated in 2017 It is arranged regarding in the code of practice of the “International Prevention of the Bribery to the State Employees in the Transactions”.