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International Project Loans Sample Transactions

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - Awash – Woldia Railway Project

The aim of the project is to establish a central corridor between the northern, central and eastern regions of Ethiopia and other railway lines by forming an important corridor for both passenger and freight transport. The first phase of the project was completed in 2017. We provided financing support for the project worth a total of USD 300 million where the overall project cost will be USD 1,7 billion.

After the completion of the second phase, there will be an increase in passenger as well as goods transport. The products will be transported to the domestic markets and by providing access to the ports to the international markets. Also, the project will create jobs and increase the mobility of the workforce. In addition, thanks to the railway network that will be formed with the completion of the planned railway projects to be realized in the future, it will contribute to the integration of both Ethiopia and other countries in the region with the world.

Republic of Belarus – Aquapark Hotel Project

The Aquapark Hotel built in the capital Minsk as per the program launched by the Belarusian State for the development of the tourism sector. Our financing support worth USD 9 million and the project cost was USD 11,5 million.

In addition to the hotel complex, which has a total area of 6,500 square meters, it also has a water park with baths, water-related pools, beach entertainment areas and catering establishments, providing accommodation for 218 people.

Republic of Belarus – Oktyabrskaya Hotel Project

Within the scope of the project, the closed area of 8.280 square meters of the Oktyabrskaya Hotel, which is located in Minsk, has been increased to 38.600 square meters and the hotel has been upgraded to the five-star standard. In addition to the renovation of the existing hotel, meeting rooms, restaurants, swimming pool and sports center have been constructed.

We provided a loan of USD 51 million to the project which cost USD 60 million.

Republic of Congo – International Business City of Brazzaville

The project consists of the Kintele Congress Complex and the Brazzaville City Center Complex. The Kintele Congress Complex, which is located 15 km away from the capital city of Brazzaville, was completed in 2016 and has become operational in 2017. The overall project will cost EUR 280 million.

The congress complex has a congress hall with a capacity of 1500 people, a meeting room with a capacity of 375 people, a dining room with a capacity of 1000 people, a congress center consisting of a press and conference hall, a restaurant and a museum and a conference room with 200 rooms.

Republic of Congo has no such a multi-functional congress and exhibition centre in use for performing arts, public shows, international fairs or huge events. Development of such a meeting facility is expected to create an attraction centre not only within the country but also around the neighbouring countries. The running Congress Complex will also increase the employment capacity of the region significantly. The hotel and congress centre will employ 200-250 people each year and the facility will support additional jobs in the economy through indirect and induced impacts.

Republic of Ghana – Akim Oda, Akwatia and Winneba Water Projects

The project consists of the installation of a new potable water treatment plant in the Akim Oda Region, and the rehabilitation of the existing water treatment plant in Winneba city, and the construction of transmission and distribution lines. It was completed in 2017. We provided USD 133 million loan where the project cost is USD165 million.

The project aims to meet the 30 years' water needs of more than 300.000 people living in Akim Oda and Akwatia regions. Thanks to the 2 million m3 open reservoir built, it will be possible to provide potable water to the region even during the dry season. Providing easy access to safe and potable water, the project will make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the regions.

Republic of Senegal – Dakar International Conference Centre

The Dakar International Conference Center, which was built in order to host the 15 th Francophone Summit held in the country in 2014, is also home to international fairs and congresses. The project, which draws attention with its distinctive architectural style, was chosen by "Engineering News Record (ENR)" in 2015 as the "Best Project of the Cultural Area World". We provided a loan of EUR 49 million where the project cost was amounted to EUR 73 million.

Built on 8 hectare land and 20.000 m2 closed area, the project is equipped with auditorium for 1500 people, VIP meeting halls, press center, restaurants, foyer for 3000 people, meeting rooms for workshops, exhibition halls and all kinds of summits, sound and visual infrastructure system.

Republic of Cameroon – The Japoma Douala Sports Complex Project

The Japoma Douala Sports Complex Project is one of the projects that the Government of Cameroon has put on its agenda in order to develop necessary infrastructure/superstructure to host the Africa Cup of Nations 2021. The project will not only fulfill the requirement of Africa Cup of Nations 2021 but also will contribute to the Cameroon’s sports infrastructure as well as the qualified sportspeople.

The Project, which is planned to be completed in 2019, consists of a stadium with seating capacity of 50.000 spectators, multipurpose sports hall with a seating capacity of 2.000 spectators, olympic pool with a seating capacity of 1.000 spectators, training fields, basketball and volleyball fields, tennis courts. We have provided a loan of USD 190,5 million where the overall project cost is USD 232 million.

International Trade Finance Sample Transactions

Export of Geothermal Drilling Equipment

We allocated loan with a total six years maturity to the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Charge of Industry of the Republic of Djibouti to finance the export of Geothermal Drilling Equipment.

Country: Djibouti
Product: Buyer’s Credit Through Sovereign Guarantee

Export of Ferrosilicon Plant and Equipment

We provided buyers’ credit for a total maturity of 8 years for the export of Ferrosilicon Plant and Equipment.

Country: Azerbaijan
Product: Buyer’s Credit Through Foreign Banks

Various Capital and Consumption Goods

We utilized loans whose maturity ranges from 6 months to 5 years for the export of various capital and consumption goods.

Country: Kosovo
Product: Buyer’s Credit Through Domestic Banks

Export of Buses

Our interest rates are competitive even in France…

We insured and discounted export receivables, deferred up to 3 years and raised from the export of buses.

Country: France
Product: Export Receivables Discounting Program

Tugboat Export

We insured and discounted export receivables, deferred up to 5 years and raised from the export of Tugboat.

With the Tugboat’s commencement of operations in the Atlantic ocean, we opened new era in our “buyers’-suppliers’ credit” portfolio.

Country: Gabon
Product: Export Receivables Discounting Program

Export of Chicken Cage System

We never led our firms exporting to every continents stand alone, including in Latin America.

We insured and discounted export receivables, deferred up to 4 years and raised from the export of “Chicken Cage System” to Paraguay.

Country: Paraguay
Product: Export Receivables Discounting Program