Post-Shipment Export Credit Insurance

Under the scope of our Post - Shipment Export Credit Insurance programme we provide a competitive advantage to our exporters in foreign markets, enabling them to increase their long term sales opportunities in risky markets.

What is the Post - Shipment Export Credit Insurance programme and what is its objective?

The objective of Post - Shipment Export Credit Insurance programme is to insure the receivables of the exporter resulting from his/her exports, against commercial and political risks, which are assessed based on a single sales contract and with a maximum maturity limit parallel to the OECD arrangements as well as to provide the opportunity for our exporters to be eligible for financial support from commercial banks in accordance with the insured export operation.

In addition, the policy is considered as collateral, thus the receivables for the post shipment period regarding the export contract which has been secured can be discounted by our bank and other commercial banks through act of forfeiting.

How long is the maturity?

Under this programme, the medium – long term export receivables resulting from the sale of investment and/or capital goods are generally insured. Under exceptional circumstances, export receivables with a term shorter than 1 year can also be insured under this programme.

In transactions with a maturity longer than 2 years, the insurance premium is calculated on an application basis in accordance with the OECD arrangements. In cases where the maturity is less than two years, the calculation of the premiums can be undertaken independently of the OECD arrangements.

What is the company limit?

There are no limits for any applications you will make within the scope of Post – Shipment Export Credit Insurance programme.

For whom is this product suitable?

All exporters who are exporting capital goods with high added value and/or investment goods as well as those exporting services can take advantage of this product.


For applications, we require the exporters to complete the application form with all pages being signed – stamped and send it to the address along with a sample of their authorized signature list.

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How Is It Used?

A accurate evaluation of the relevant application will be possible in cases where the financial information and documents of the purchaser for the previous three years (particularly the independent audit report, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement etc.) and a short description of the project content are submitted to our Bank along with the application form.

An approximate premium calculation will be calculated and notified to our exporter as soon as possible after the application has been received.

Following the application, an evaluation of the buyer , the exporterer and the project will be conducted by our Bank.

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